A woman who is sassy, confident, intelligent, kind, strong, funny, classy, independent of mind and
politically aware.
Broads, The Series was first conceptualized from my personal search to define who I am. As I started to communicate with women from all walks of life and levels of assumed successes, I knew these stories needed to be told… not from your typical interview or doc style…but from a place of raw truth, humor and intimacy. I have always been left thirsty after watching most narratives unfold…this is my attempt to quench that thirst…and along the way to fill in some of those hard to reach places.
Tiffany Loria, Director - Broads
This new show is an engine of change delivering a perspective that the industry, and the world for that matter, is lacking and I for one can’t wait to watch every last episode.

Kevin Mackall
Senior Vice President
MTV On Air Promotions
What makes a woman worthy of special attention? Who are the Trailblazers? How do they inspire us to think of ourselves beyond our own narrow definitions? Who are the women who evoke real emotion and understanding through word, deed, music, purpose?

The Broads Series will take you through 12 stories of some lesser, greater and even unknown women that promise to stir your imagination and perhaps leave you motivated to find your own inner Broad.
the performer
the comedian
the director
the singer
the philanthropist
the peacemaker
the poet
the leader
the healer
the politician
the classic
the actress
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Dana was raised in rural Florida surrounded by music- her older siblings' band playing classic rock in the garage, Ray Charles and Hank Williams on her parents' turntable, and a big dose of 70's and 80's funk at school. Dana went after her dream telling everyone she was headed to “New York to sing the blues."

Dana soon found herself down and out on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Then after the wake-up call of her older sister's suicide Dana pulled herself together, determined to reconnect with her passion for music and began hitting the local blues jams with a vengeance. She would soon meet Jon Diamond, an established and well respected NYC guitarist. Within a year the band was sharing the stage and performing with the likes of John Popper, James Cotton, and Taj Mahal.

The producers of the off-Broadway hit "Love, Janis," heard the buzz about Dana and invited her in for an audition. Dana went in, sang a few bars of "Piece of My Heart," and was offered the role of Janis Joplin on the spot.

Keeping with momentum, renowned director, Julie Taymor (Lion King, Frida) was so impressed with the Fuchs energy in “Love Janis” that she custom created the soul mama role of Sexy Sadie specifically for Fuchs in the knockout cinematic powerhouse, Across the Universe.

Dana’s ever expanding talent, authentic energy and uncompromising attitude are just a few monikers that define Dana Fuchs as one of our favorite broads.
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Karen was born with a mind of her own; a tough and stubborn streak that at a very early age mirrored the person that she is today. Visitors were stunned when they realized that if they failed to shut the door of our Florida apartment this four month old ball of energy would propel herself into a rolling position that would enable her to exit the apartment doorway and roll down the hallway, exploring the world. Although she walked at nine months she did not believe in wearing shoes. So despite the valiant attempts of her mother and grandmother, this determined baby travelled through the streets and shopping malls of Toronto in bare feet.

Karen always had a strong sense of fairness, empathy for others and had no tolerance for injustice. As a very young child her favorite tunes were from the album "Free to be you and me" by Marlo Thomas, and at an early age she understood that Kermit's lament "It's not easy to be green" spoke to the challenges of being different. Karen stood up for others, as well as for herself ,and would not tolerate being spoken down to.

Karen was drawn to the underdog and throughout her childhood took under her wing all manner of troubled kids. Eventually, Karen decided that she had enough of the dark side of life and attracted by the beach, nightlife, and sunny skies decided to do an overseas year at the University of Tel Aviv. Alas, lighthouses are not meant for light places. Karen is now a PhD candidate and Managing Director of the Middle East office of Peaceplayers International. Passionate about her work ,she is trying to change the world for the better one small step at a time.

PeacePlayers International (PPI) is an innovative global organization that uses sport to unite and educate young people in divided communities. PeacePlayers International was founded in 2001 by Sean Tuohey, on the premise that “children who play together can learn to live together.” PeacePlayers International currently operates programs in Northern Ireland, South Africa, Cyprus, and the Middle East that bring together thousands of children to form positive relationships, develop leadership skills, and improve their futures. Over the past six years, the organization has worked with over 45,000 children. PeacePlayers International is led by global network of youth leaders who work together as coaches, mentors and facilitators.
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How did it start?

In 2003, Sylvia Allen went with a non-profit organization on a humanitarian trip to Uganda, Africa. While she was there, she was asked by Geofrey Kawuma, head of the Mbiriizi Primary School, to be the school’s Grandmother. With 805 children in the school, of which 216 were orphans due to the AIDS crisis, she was honored to accept the responsibility. Out of this Sylvia’s Children was born, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving the lives of her ‘grandchildren'; to give the children a fighting chance.

In Uganda, if a child slips through the cracks, there are no safety nets, there is no one to catch them. They are out on the streets, on their own, to fend for themselves. The teachers and staff at the Mbiriizi Primary School know this and, because of this, there is a level of dedication there that you do not find here in America. They know what these children are up against because it is where they came from and they know if they don't help the children, no one will.

The teachers and staff are completely open and honest with the children, to prepare them for the tough life ahead. Classes held in the school are not only reading, writing and arithmetic but anti-drug classes, non-smoking classes and classes about abstinence and AIDS. There are no taboo subjects, they do not mince words nor do they sugarcoat them. Why should they? Most of the children walk five miles to school with no shoes…..literally. Harsh reality is a part of daily life.

Here’s the good news….what we are getting done:
    The Vicky Tuccillo Mbiriizi Library was dedicated;
  • The desperately needed new well was dedicated with the children singing the words of Rudyard Kipling’s poem “IF”;
  • We measured the feet of all 907 children and staff so Samaritan Shoes can fit them with new shoes the first week in November (does anybody want to donate 2,000 pairs of socks to go with the shoes?);
  • We inventoried all 267 orphans which meant taking an up-to-date picture, getting their accurate age and determining if there were any health issues (only 100 are sponsored so we still need sponsors for 167);
  • Thanks to Joe Corpina, who came with us, we had soccer balls and basketballs for the kids to play with;
  • Vicky Tuccillo had even brought hula hoops (some of us remember them) and you should see how fast the children caught on to the way to do it;
  • We did a complete inventory of books needed by the children and teachers (currently the children learn by rote and have no books) and found out that $20,000 would supply books (on a two children per book basis) for a full year;
  • Lastly, Michele sent an American flag and a Ugandan flag. It was so wonderful to see those two flags flying, side by side, in the breeze.

Current Initiatives:

We need to build a six unit building to house six teachers who would live at the school. The estimated price for that is $18,000. Tony Costa, my son, had a great idea which was to house the teachers, temporarily, in the library (which has two bathrooms and a shower) until we have completed the fundraising for the books. However, that is temporary. Tony, Michele and I would be devastated to see this badly needed initiative fail. Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, Tony and I stayed two extra days to explore a coffee plantation and the feasibility of exporting Ugandan Arabica coffee to the U.S. Currently Uganda sells their coffee beans to Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia but do not have a U.S. distribution. We want to change that and have the profits go to the school. Anybody have any coffee contacts? Any and all suggestions gratefully accepted!

Finally, just a note on upcoming trips: June 26-July 6/7, 2009
Annual work trip to the school and safari to Murchisson Falls (to see Giraffes and other wonderful wildlife!)

Sylvia’s Children is a family-run charity with Sylvia Allen, founder, as President and her two children, Michele and Tony Costa, serving as trustees. No administration charges are taken out of your donations. 100% of the money goes to the school and 100% of your donation is tax deductible.
At long last and just in time, a true ‘reality, do try this at home’ series.

Orly Reitkop
Blue Lemon Media
I’ve heard it said that, “A religion without a goddess is halfway to atheism”. With a secular spirit, Tiffany Loria has created a new approach to serialized storytelling fueled on goddess power. “Broads: The Series” is a transparent and focused, docu-biopic style television/web series that hands the reigns over to the women it features. With an innovative new format, Tiffany has captured a fresh, intuitive way of telling the plain truth about her subjects that allows them the room to create more truth around her and the show.
This new show is an engine of change delivering a perspective that the industry, and the world for that matter, is lacking and I for one can’t wait to watch every last episode.

Kevin Mackall
Senior Vice President
MTV On Air Promotions

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This is a series about women who are making things happen....celebrity and non-celebrity women who are doing great things in their lives and the world. We want to know who you’d nominate to be a part of this series. Tell us what you want to see. Let’s co-create a series about powerful women that doesn’t leave us wanting more… haven’t we had enough fast food media? Click on any network listed to the right and let us hear your feedback!
Tiffany Loria Director, Creator
Broads, The Series
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